Adult and the Christian Woman

When you think of the phrase “pornography,” will it conjure up the impression of a scruffy guy with messy hair in the basement watching porn in his underpants?

Truth is, though I get a lot of requests for prayer and counsel from males who are slaves to porn, I recently had an encounter with quite a young lady who was contending with that same addiction.

I was already aware this particular problem existed among the gentler sex. I was awakened to that fact while listening to a Christian radio program on the subject many years ago and was amazed that half the callers were female teens. I will always remember the young girl who called crying as she felt powerless to fight the lure. A Christian female, attending the Youth Group of her, the little ones at school began passing around a site address. Desiring to fit in, she logged on. She was hooked. Not just was she hooked but she tearfully admitted she was confused about her sexuality, getting found herself aroused by lesbian images as well as the straight stuff.

My heart ached for her. Still does.

We’re sexual beings. Simply look at yourself nude in a mirror. Every little thing about our anatomy screams reproduction. Without the God given urges we feel, there is simply no other method will ever procreated the species. Sex was God’s idea (and a fantastic one at that). Try to leave it to Satan to pervert all those goals and flip something beautiful into something so vile and harmful.

I discovered some 2003 statistics on pornography and its impact on society. I am certain they are much worse now, five years later. Brace yourself:

Of the adults admitting to Internet sexual addiction: ten %; 28 % of those are girls (

This one impacts females a lot more than we can imagine: More than 70 % of men from eighteen to thirty four go to a pornographic site in a normal month (comScore Media Metrix).

Our young men, even the Christian males, are being fed a steady diet of nudity and sexually related lies. In life that is real, ladies do not look or act like that.

But perception is reality.

Our females simply cannot compete.

I was performing premarital counseling with a couple when, on the last night of ours before the wedding, I gave them the occasion to chat about whatever they wished to get out in the open. Sure enough, the young woman bashfully admitted the fear of her of disappointing her husband as he saw the body of her in comparison to each of the others he would been exposed to all his life, if only just at store check-out counters as well as magazine racks.

Girls, do not be deceived. There are plenty of wolves in sheep’s dresses. Outwardly, they could show most of the signs of becoming “good.” Inwardly, well…they’re messed up. You have every right to be familiar with his web viewing patterns and watch the magazines he subscribes to. Do not be extremely quick to give your heart away and invite problems later on. As a former Singles Pastor, my word of advice was often, “Become what you want to marry.” It’s the reaping and sowing factor.

Where porn’s effect on marriage is concerned, at a 2003 conference of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers, 2 thirds of the 350 divorce lawyers that attended said the Internet had a major part in the divorces in the prior year, with unnecessary interest in online porn contributing to more than half such cases. Pornography had an almost non-existent role in divorce just 7 or perhaps eight years ago.” (


28 % those admitting to sexual addiction are women (

Which was five years ago.

34 % of female readers of Today’s Christian Female’s online newsletter admitted to on purpose accessing Internet porn in a recent poll and one out of every 6 women, including Christians, struggles with an addiction to pornography (Today’s Christian Woman, Fall 2003). There is much deliverance necessary as well as, regrettably, too few who realize what that means to minister in that manner.

The effect on families and marriages is damaging, affecting women in one more negative fashion as their desire to e married and raise kids in a healthy, happy home are dashed. 47 % percent of family members said pornography is an issue in their home (Focus on the family Poll, October one, 2003). Add that to alcohol and drug problems, workaholism, domestic violence, overeating, teen rebellion, and everything that fails behind closed doors.


I pick up of a lot too many cases of clergymen having affairs with female Members of the flock of theirs. It’s no wonder. 51 % of pastors say cyber porn is a possible temptation. thirty seven % say it is a current fight (Christianity Today, 12/2001), Leadership Survey. In reality, over half of evangelical pastors acknowledge viewing pornography last year.

Roger Charman of Focus on the Family’s Pastoral Ministries accounts that approximately twenty percent of the calls received on the Pastoral Care Line of theirs are for help with issues such as pornography and compulsive sexual demeanor.

In a 2000 Christianity Today survey, thirty three % of clergy admitted to having gone to a sexually explicit Site. Of all those who had gone to a porn site, fifty three % had gone to such sites “a few times” in the previous 12 months, in addition to 18 % visit sexually explicit sites between a couple of times per month as well as much more than when a week. These’re our Church leaders. When a female with a problem visits a man with similar predicament, searching for spiritual assistance, what else can we expect? Like spirits attract, all things considered.

The sheep are fairing absolutely no better than the shepherds with 29 % of born again adults in the U.S. feel it’s morally acceptable to look at films with explicit sexual behavior (The Barna Group).

Fifty seven % of pastors state that addiction to pornography is essentially the most sexually damaging issue to the congregation of theirs (Christians and Sex Leadership Journal Survey, March 2005).


We are aliens on this earth. We are not from around here as well as, consequently, must give up on the attempts of ours at getting comfortable. Such attempts are futile. Nevertheless, because the cycle of psychological ache among girls – even the Christian variety – has been going on for so long, our females are running to things as Valium, extramarital and premarital affairs, romance novels, soap operas, porn and, yes, even religion, in search of comfort. Some might embrace timidity, manliness, or even what is referred to as a “Jezebel” spirit. They’re doing that Instead of running towards the God of most comfort; the loving Father who wants nothing much more than to kiss them and make things better. They require ministry but too few ministers are armed to minister in the required manner.

Why would not a Christian run to the Christ of her and also, instead, run into the arms of another lover as porn? The key is obvious: She doesn’t know Him. Like a male with homosexual tendencies, throwing himself into Christian service in hopes of cleansing himself and “getting better,” many woman expect that relaxing in a pew every time the door is opened and attending seminars, even reading Christian publications, will all generate their condition go away.

It won’t.

Only Jesus has the power to do that. Only He’s our Deliverer. Freedom is going to come if the foul Spirit of Porn bows to His Name and no other.

I’ve read that early Church would minister exorcisms to new converts before baptizing and introducing to the Christian group. Great idea!

Here are several promises from Scripture that I hope will motivate you. I followed this with a prayer chances are you’ll need to print and stick by your bathroom mirror. Remember this: God is not mad at you. Stop feeling so guilt-ridden and sin-conscious and focus on the connection of yours with the Redeemer. Jesus suffered for the sins of the planet, including YOURS. There’s no judgment remaining, no wrath of God forthcoming, no punishment. The debt has been paid and God is actually satisfied. Between Calvary, which was judgment on Christ, and the Judgment Day, when each of the books will be opened, there’s no place for judgment within this world. Nonetheless, almost all Christians cannot seem to prevail over that sin consciousness which oppresses and suppresses them. The price tag has been paid! You have already been reconciled to God! When He perceives you, He sees Jesus! You couldn’t be up to scratch and you are not bad enough to lose your place with Him. This goodness of God is what will bring you to repentance. Don’t expect that from church services or perhaps Christian books.
Start down your road to recovery TODAY!

Psalm 10:17

Lord, the hopes of the helpless are known by you. Certainly you will hear their cries and comfort them.

Psalm 23:4

Even if I walk through the darkest valley, I won’t be afraid,for you’re close beside me.
Your rod as well as your staff protect and comfort me.

Psalm 119:76

So now let your unfailing love comfort me, just as you promised me, the servant of yours.

Two Corinthians 1:4

He comforts us in all the troubles of ours so that we can comfort others.

Thank you, Lord, for being the Comforter of mine. I have been crying out to be comforted since the second I was born. Today, I believe I need your comfort – the main comfort that exists – more than ever. I’m tired of trying to defeat and I am running for you – the Individual who dwells within me who can’t do something other than overcome. Be the Lord of my life; the Owner of the sinful nature of mine, my bad habits, my addictions. Thank you for comforting me, Lord Jesus, so that I, in turn, will be better equipped to comfort others that are also struggling with bondages. I thank you, also, for healing me the place I’ve been hurt. Not just physically but deep down in those darkest places that no one can see but you. Thank you for giving me the elegance to forgive those that damage me; they knew not what they were doing to me. I believe you’re the Individual who could Deliver me; increase the unbelief of mine that the things I have difficulty with are actually real. Help me to un-believe MORE that I am trapped, I’m a victim, that I am a second-rate Christian. Help xxx videos to believe a lot more strongly than ever that I’m who YOU state I am…redeemed, downloaded, healed, the enemy’s worst nightmare, a part of a Kingdom of priests and Kings. Thank you, Father. I love you and I pray this in the mighty Name of Jesus, the Name above each name. Amen!

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