Behind the Las Vegas Strip Club

live strip cam have had the unique opportunity since I moved to Las Vegas to work directly and indirectly with several of the Las Vegas nightclubs, or as the locals call the industry.

Visitors here enjoy the world-famous Las Vegas Strip and all it has to offer. Also, to my great surprise, they use extremely expensive taxis to get away from the strip, to save a dollar and fifteen cents by going to a local CVS pharmacy.

Each Strip Club in Las Vegas is a show. Like all Broadway shows in New York or in the extravagant casinos of the casinos, the strip clubs have drama, emotions, fights in the best scenario and schedule, all with the hope of being discovered by wealthy fans or prestigious

‘The Industry’ in Las Vegas has two groups, Topless and Nude.

Topless club establishments must keep private areas below the waistline out of the public view and strategically placed stars adorn the northern hemisphere of female artists. In addition to the beautiful world-famous dancers that Las Vegas clubs have to offer, an obvious advantage to choosing clubs in the topless group includes slot machines, games and alcoholic drinks on-site. A lot and a lot of alcohol served by beautiful women at prices that surpass most car payments.

In the nude clubs is where the phrase \\ What you see is what you get \\ born, or at least the paying public is given the opportunity to fantasize while a dancer shreds and empties wallets. Sorry guys, no alcohol is available or is served at any nudity establishment in Clark County, except at the Palomino Club, there was a grandfather clause that saved this little gem.
Leaning the hand on the leg an inch above the knee, or gently touching the inside of the biceps or slowly sliding the nail along the back of the ear are just some of the simple tricks that girls share. Strip clubs do not work at all.

The goals of the girls here are simple, they make you feel comfortable and they take away your money.

A common opening line can be \\\\\\\\ where have you been all my life? \\\\\\\\. You can hear her say that she has been waiting all night for someone like you to arrive here. Or one of my favorite phrases would be \\\\\\\\. Thanks for saving me from the guys at that other table, I hope more of the men who come here are more like you \\\\\\\\.

Actually, there’s not much behind the strip club scene. Strip clubs in Las Vegas are probably the most direct direct business in the state. The girls provided the service of a fantasy. The club provides little light. The men bring the money that keeps Las Vegas alive.

Long live Las Vegas!

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