Naughty Text Sex

Picture the following situation:

You come home from a tough day on the job and the moment you open the front door – your girl leaps into your arms, with a enormous SMILE ON HER FACE.

Her grin then turns into a cheeky smile and she KISSES YOU PASSIONATELY and takes her hand and direct one to the sack.

A hour after you collapse in a sweaty heap, with had AMAZING SEX.

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Sounds fantastic, does not it?

Regrettably, the reality for most couples is they get home from work and fall on the couch.

Without sexual intercourse.

What occurred?

I will let you know where – many couples allow work along with other pressures in life get in the way.

This is how you can keep the fire with your girl:

Use these text messages whilst You’re at work to maintain your girl considering you…

That is an easy, somewhat mysterious text message to send to a girl.

She will probably respond with something similar to:

What exactly are you really thinking?”

From there – create your following message somewhat sexier…

“I am Considering how great you are lips Will taste when I kiss you tonight”

This can definitely get your girl beginning to fantasize about her.

She could respond with something like THIS:

“I can not wait darling. Works.

As soon as your lady sends you a message similar to it is the sign that she’s getting a bit turned on. You’re definitely NOT HER WORK/JOB, now on her head.

Follow up her response with something a Bit More naughty, such as this:

“I am looking forward to gradually kissing each inch of your body ”

If you send your girl a message similar to that – you can reasonably expect her to be receiving more than just a bit turned and SEXUALLY EXCITED.

The simple fact that she’s feeling like this at work (maybe in a crowded workplace ), is much more exciting and NAUGHTY for her.

She will respond with:

“Oh babe, I am turned on”

Orshe could say:

Regardless of what she says, she wishes to listen to more. Your text messages will be likely ten times more interesting than anything she’s currently spending her day doing.

Keep the dialogue going with something like that:

“Okay I will stop texting you currently babe since I do not wish to divert you. Before I quit, this is what I would have said if I had been planning to continue messaging you… Once I have taken all of your clothes off and kissed every inch of your body, I will lick you directly where you need it! My hot breath and hot tongue will drive you mad and I will keep going till you encounter me enjoy my great woman”.

YES, that’s a very long text message. BUT believe me once I say it IT WILL DRIVE YOUR WOMAN CRAZY.

She’ll almost definitely return with something like that:

“Oh babe, what do you do to me? You’re currently driving me mad and I am supposed to be working! That seems amazing. Tell me …”

And of course – you do precisely that… tell her …

“I will make you feel so great babe. I will offer you the best sex 20, after I have given you an orgasm with my tongue! Deep and difficult – you like it. Got to get back to work now.
Listen up – that is priceless!

I am smirking as I type this because I understand how POWERFUL this really is.

If you send your girl a message similar to this one, you can ensure a few items:

She WANTS YOU and she needs you poorly
She wishes to listen to more (do not give her though. TEASE HER and make her wait until you see her that night)
She’s moist (and this may definitely feel really naughty for her because she is likely moist at a completely inappropriate time – although she is at work)

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